Month: October 2018

Community Voices

Community Voices: Anita Armstrong

Community Voices Anita Y. Armstrong is the founder of Inner Circle Ministries Management, a client administration firm. Many have referred to her as a “Dream Pusher” and “Selfless Servant”. She is a creative content writer for several social media outlets, editor of five published books, in addition to being a poet. She was the lead […]

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Educators in Action: Tina Capito

Educators in Action Tina Capito has been in education for 19 years. She has taught general education, special education to include; self-contained, resource, and inclusion, and now serves as Killeen Independent School Districts Transition Specialist for Special Education. She has had the privilege of being a former Military spouse, teaching in Colorado, Louisiana, Germany in […]

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Kid's Spotlight

Kid’s Konfessions with Kelli

Kid’s Konfessions with Kelli So…I did a thing. I signed up for 7th grade athletics. Compared to 6th grade, 7th grade is pretty hard. Especially in athletics! P.E. was so much easier; you walked, you sat, you went to your next class…ha. When the choice was given, I chose athletics because I wanted a chance […]

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Salute to Service

Salute to Service: Honoring Veterans

Salute to Service Honoring Veterans Veteran’s Day in the United States is celebrated on November 11th annually. The day is observed for Americans to celebrate the bravery and sacrifice of all U.S. Veterans. According to “Vetereran’s Day, formerly known as Armistice Day, was originally set as a U.S. legal holiday to honor the end […]

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Texas NBA Basketball- Tip Off

NBA Basketball – Tip Off Dallas Mavericks The young Mavericks are coming off an abysmal 2017-18 season that saw them got 24-58 finishing 13th in the Western Conference. But the bright side for the Mavericks they were finally able to sign former Clippers center Deandre Jordan after not being able to sign him in 2015. […]

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Youth Sports

Guardian Sports: One Idea is Now Multiple Actions

Guardian Sports: One Idea is Now Multiple Actions Guardian Sports is announcing its place in the sporting arena here in Central  Texas. The idea of the program is to bridge the gap between the community and sports for the youth of the greater Central Texas area. With an void for athletic exposure and recognition within […]

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Local Focus

Local Focus: Play It By Ear Media

Local Focus Play It By Ear Media Michael B. Hodges is the youngest of four children of the late Rev. Willie Hodges, Sr. and Mrs. Estella Hodges. He is a retired Military Army Veteran in which he served 20 years stateside and overseas. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, he taught himself how to play […]

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Let's Connect Feature

Let’s Connect Feature: Jose Segarra, The Road to Success

Let’s Connect Feature Jose Segarra: The Road to Success Mayor Jose Segarra is a shining example of the heart of Killeen, Texas. He offers a quiet demeanor and a wonderful story of his arrival as a pillar of the Central Texas community. His journey began in Ponce, Puerto Rico but quickly shifted to the Southside […]

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Letter's From the Editor

Letter From the Editor – Fall 2018

Letter From the Editor Welcome back to Let’s Connect! Our magazine has a very specific intention of connecting communities and citizens of Central Texas and the surrounding areas. Our kick-off /summer edition was a success and we were able to ‘connect’ to many new friends. Let’s Connect has become the voice that we had invisioned […]

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