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Anita Y. Armstrong is the founder of Inner Circle Ministries Management, a client administration firm. Many have referred to her as a “Dream Pusher” and “Selfless Servant”. She is a creative content writer for several social media outlets, editor of five published books, in addition to being a poet. She was the lead actress in the stage-play “Broken Chains”  by Carolyn King-Robertson for two years in the Central Texas area from 2015-2017. Her latest expressive work is as the UITA Radio Producer of the weekly ministry segments “Sunday Service”, in addition to hosting a segment titled “Exercising Your Faith”. Anita Y. Armstrong is a keynote speaker, mentor, and devout believer.

Inner Circle Ministries Management

Killeen, Texas


Walk With Me

Imagine yourself as dull grey clay in the hands of God . He loves you dearly and already has His mind set on what you are to be. He slaps you down on the turning wheel. He uses His powerful hands and begins mashing you, squeezing you, kneading you, pounding His fist into your soft matter. It sounds painful yes… and oh so necessary. He allowed that brother to manipulate you, yes that sister lied on you, your ex betrayed your trust, and your friend humiliated you. Your mother left you. Your Daddy beat you. God’s hands were in your clay. You were not alone. God used all that hurt to rid your life of impurities and contamination. Bending and stretching you. Walk with me… He pours water on you (life) and turns on the spinning wheel (choices). Round and round you go. Confused, unsure, and unfocused. But, you are better than you were yesterday. You trust Him as He begins pulling on you. Higher and higher you go! Wider and longer you become. Reaching new heights and covering unfamiliar territory! You are beautiful and still soft. The wheel stops.

You feel amazing! You are not done. It has only just begun. You sit for a few days. Getting comfortable with the new “Me”. You haven’t been close with Him like you use to be but, …you are not forgotten. Walk with me… He comes in and moves you into the FIRE! This too is necessary. The fire is too hot! Unbearable.You begin to think surely you will die. The fire brings strength and preparation for color (your assignments) and gloss (God’s Presences).  The fire was hot! It hurt more than anything you experienced before. But,… You made it out. Wiser. Stronger. Better. Confident. He paints you with specific patterns and colors on purpose that tangle up in amazement! Even you are awe struck at His creation! He signs His name on your bottom claiming YOU as His own. Walk with me… You are wonderfully made. Do not discount your life’s mishaps. They have their purpose in your destiny. His hands are in YOUR clay, and He has claimed you with His distinguished mark. Inspired by Jeremiah 18 (At The Potter’s House)

Original Work by Anita Armstrong

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