Community Voices: Denetra V. Moore

Passion and drive are words often used when describing the educator and author Denetra V. Moore. She is a visionary who sets out to accomplish all dreams that God has laid before her. The heart of Moore is to bring understanding and voice to the community of military families through her children’s books. The frequent lifestyle changes, parental absences, and unique concerns are becoming more evident every day. Coming from a military family herself; she has become an arresting personality to bring light to this blinded, and often over looked situation. A woman of dignity, perseverance, humility, and focus; “Dream Big” is her motto. Moore opens avenues of consideration into worlds not acknowledged by normalcy

As Moore writes books and speaks to groups of young children she expounds on how a dream is just a dream until there is a plan in place to build towards making the dream a reality. She attests that stepping out on faith is the best path of pursuit to take. Her faith walk has brought her further than she ever imagined or asked for. With every promotion came valuable lessons that helped her to be bold and confident as she allowed God to guide her forward.  Moore remembers a time when she had her first book, “Little Soldier” written and she silently waited a few years to begin the publishing process because it all seemed so big. Fear was the main culprit to why her book sat in her office waiting for the next step. God put the right people in her path who asked her the right questions, and now she is in the process of publishing her second children’s book due to be released this spring. Her message to dream big is not limited to just youth. Her message is for everyone. Everyone has a dream that is big to them, and her heart is for all to grasp at the chance to live their dream sooner than later.

Currently Denetra Moore is an ELAR Specialist with ESC Region 12 where she is eager about building relationships with fellow educators to nurture the curiosity of children through literature. She is truly living one of her dreams out loud. She is a mother of three who deal first hand with the Army lifestyle. A voice for the children. A light for the families. A believer for a better tomorrow.

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