Community Voices: Dutchess Arpoet, Daddy Please

Daddy Please…

Daddy please don’t go
I screamed as loud as I could
Come back…
I promise to be good.
I’ll never throw another fit
When I don’t get my way,
I need you more than I show
Daddy please stay
I see the tears in your eyes
Are they for me?
I’ll she’d many more without you
What will I grow to be?
Will I have hatred in my heart
For the world to see,
Or will I still be able to focus
And love genuinely?
Mama keeps grabbing me
Saying I have to let go,
Never disrespected her before
But all I can say is NO.
I’m not ready
To face the harsh truth…
Who will be responsible
For the slain hearts of youth?
Will it make it to the news
Or barely out the booth,
A year from now
Will they still remember you?
Daddy please don’t leave
I won’t know what to do,
I need your love, guidance and protection
My father’s point of view.
Daddy get up
Don’t let them take your from me,
Daddy wake up…
I can hear the streets saying sorry.

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