Let’s Connect Feature: Jose Segarra, The Road to Success

Let’s Connect Feature

Jose Segarra: The Road to Success

Mayor Jose Segarra is a shining example of the heart of Killeen, Texas. He offers a quiet demeanor and a wonderful story of his arrival as a pillar of the Central Texas community.

His journey began in Ponce, Puerto Rico but quickly shifted to the Southside of Chicago, Illinois at the age of three. Segarra survived the cold climates and Chicago public school system before signing on to join the military via the delayed entry program at 17 years old.

Segarra shares that he chose the military path because, at the time, he was unaware of the proper steps that must be taken to enroll into college. He credits his choice of service as a savior in his life because he did not have any strong mentors in his life as a teen in Chicago. In addition to a lack of mentorship, Segarra says that the streets of Chicago claimed the life of a childhood friend and other young men in area. In a sense, his choice of a somewhat dangerous career path may have saved his life.

Segarra went on to serve 10 years in the United States Army before completing his commitment and settling in Killeen. Reflecting on his work history, Segarra credits his time in the military in setting a firm foundation for his ability to lead and becoming a strong business owner.

The book “Man’s Search For Meaning” by Viktor E. Frankl left a lasting impression on Segarra and he uses it as an example of how he chooses to approach everyday situations. He shares that instead of adopting a negative outlook on life, he chooses to think positively and provide a benefit to those around him.

A history buff at heart, Segarra continues to seek information and knowledge and apply what he learns to improve his life each day.

Jose Segarra believes that establishing confidence in yourself will help anyone to succeed in achieving their dreams.

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