Let’s Connect Business: Lisa Kelly, Grabbagreen

Who is Lisa, and what do you do at Grabbagreen restaurant?

I am a United States Army Veteran, a nurse, a health and fitness enthusiast and a community wellness advocate. I am the owner of Grabbagreen and center all my efforts on educating the community on proper nutrition and living their best life.

What is the Grabbagreen restaurant, and what is its purpose in the Killeen community?

Grabbagreen is a fresh take on fast food. We offer food, juices, smoothies, meal prep and catering that is fully customizable to any dietary preference. Our purpose in the community is to offer more options for eating healthy on the go and to educate the community along the way. We offer nutrition consultations free of charge and have built seminars focusing on healthy kids, flu preventions, and nutritional lifestyles. We run a community running club and host a free fruit for kids program where every kid in the community can come in any day of the week and get a free piece of fruit with no purchase necessary. It’s our way of improving access to nutritious options in the community.

When did the Killeen franchise open? How was the traffic to the restaurant when it first opened, and how is the traffic now different or even the same in any way?

We just had our 3rd birthday! We opened to the public September 30, 2016. We started with a big boom of traffic and curiosity and have now leveled off to a steady stream of regular customers who we delight in knowing their orders and preferences before they even walk in the door.

I noticed that the restaurant recently had a customer smoothie recipe contest. How was that, and are there any other activities that the restaurant does to interact with the customers? If so, what are they?

Our smoothie contest was a ton of fun and definitely gave everyone an appreciation for how tricky it can be to build menu items! We also did a healthy cookie contest last Christmas! We do menu tasting parties and educational events surrounding seasonal awareness (Heart health in February, Breast health in October); in fact there is always something in the calendar at Grabbagreen. We also visit schools and business to provide samples and education!

Why did you decide to become a Grabbagreen franchisee?

I decided to get involved with Grabbagreen because Killeen is my home and I truly believe I want to leave it a little better and a little healthier than when I arrived. So many folks drive to Austin to experience farm to table freshness with their food and we wanted that right there in their own backyards.

Where is the restaurant located? Have you seen that location to be in the best area in the Killeen community for your type of restaurant? Why?

Photo by Everardo Keeme

We are located at 2802 W Stan Schlueter Loop in Killeen. We chose this spot because the west end of town was undeserved in restaurant options. We are a little far for some folks but love that people are willing to make the drive for freshness!

I noticed that there are Grabbagreen locations in Temple, TX and in Dallas, TX. Do the locations interact and/or help each other in any way? If so, in what ways?

Along with my partner Doni Engel we recently acquired the Temple franchise location and truly are working together to support health in the entire Central Texas community. One of our big projects for fall is being the fruit sponsor for the Healthy Kids Running Series in Killeen and in Belton.

Why should someone decide to eat and/or drink at Grabbagreen?

Grabbagreen is simply about options. We truly believe that everyone should be entitled to a healthy option on the go, and something that makes a healthy life a little bit easier. People should chose Grabbagreen if they have any questions about what is best for their health because our trained staff will help guide them towards their best life.

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