Let’s Connect Feature: Tee Sanders, Laughing Matters

Tee Sanders is taking the comedy world by storm. She has carved out a place in a crowded field by working hard and bringing the funny every damn day. Smack dab in the middle of booking shows across the country and fresh off the road, Let’s Connect Magazine sat down with Tee to find out what’s next for the budding star.

LC: So Tee, you’ve had an opportunity to open shows and host for some of the biggest names in comedy. But before that was able to happen, you had to put in the work. What led you to comedy initially?

TS: Comedy has always been there. Comedy helped me through my childhood. I’m not sure which side of the family I got my humor from, but both sides are loud and funny and love to exaggerate their stories. I don’t know if I was led to comedy, I think it came to me…I guess it was always in me.

LC: Once you decided to pursue comedy, what was the process? Did you reach out to clubs to book you? Hire an agent? Open mics?

TS: I went online, looked up open mics. I went out of town so I could perform where no one I knew could see me and hopped on a 5 minute speed mic and never looked back.

LC: Tell us about that experience?

TS: I was so nervous! I could’ve crapped bricks, stomach in knots. I had the shakes. But just like now, I got anxious and nervous. My adrenaline lasted so long; I had the shakes for hours. It was a different type of high.

LC: Fast forward a bit, Laugh It Comedy Lounge, now Twice As Funny, you held the house host spot for nearly a year, how important was that experience?

TS: It was EVERYTHING. It helped me mold my craft and find my voice. It forced me to create new material on a consistent basis because the same people came to see me every week. I developed my crowd work.

LC: In your time at Twice As Funny, what was it like opening for so many big name comics? And were you able to gain anything beyond the experience of stage time?

TS: It was humbling, got to work with people that I saw on Def Comedy Jam, Comic View, and my favorite sitcoms. The greatest thing that I gained was learning my worth and not taking less than I deserve. It’s easy to go back and forth with yourself about your decision to pursue comedy, but their feedback reinforced my belief that I can take comedy to the next level.

LC: Looking back a bit, we did a radio show together for several months, is live broadcasting something you might entertain later like Rickey Smiley, D.L. Hughley, and Steve Harvey?

TS: I’m looking to entertain any and everything, the sky is the limit!

And on that note, Tee was off to her next adventure, changing the world, one smile at a time!

Check out Tee Sanders’ website at: www.tscomedy.com

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