Let’s Connect Feature: Jay Arnold, Speak Easy

Jarard Arnold is that the founder of Habla Con Jay, which is an up-and-coming language teaching/tutoring business that aims to help non-Spanish speakers learn Spanish in ways that they can understand. Jay plans to help the world speak easy! The Spanish to English translation of the business name is “speak with Jay,” Arnold sees the name as not only his brand, but also as his call to his target audience, African Americans to talk to him about the Spanish language.

Arnold’s focus is on teaching Spanish because it is the second most predominant language spoken in the United States. His focus is on teaching Spanish to African Americans because he wants to help them bridge the gap between them and those who primarily or only speak Spanish. ‘If you are around people who speak Spanish, particularly native Spanish speakers, learning Spanish helps bridge the gap (in the language barrier),” he said.

Arnold knows that teaching a language (especially if the language that is native to the teacher) takes understanding why native language speakers say what they say. He also explained that people who are speaking their native language may not intuitively know how to teach their language. They may only know the generalizations of the language, but not why they are saying specific words.

Arnold knows that he would be able to explain to non-Spanish speakers why they are using a specific Spanish phrases and conjugations. When Arnold learned Spanish in college, he asked his teachers why specific phrases were said. That helped them comprehend the language.  He wants to teach African Americans Spanish to give them an advantage, especially in the social and economic aspects of life in the United States and abroad.

There are black people who live in other countries, and they speak a second language, Arnold said. He later added, “There are other blacks outside of the United States that you can have a relationship with; but it would require you to learn a second language,”

According to pewresearch.org, “About 130 million people of African descent live in Latin America, making up roughly a quarter of the total population” (Lopez & Gonzalez-Barrera, 2016).  Arnold continued to discuss that historically speaking, the largest number of black people in the world who live outside the continent of Africa are in Brazil.

The Latin American country speaks various languages. The primary language of Brazil is Portuguese, though some Brazilians speak Spanish.“There are more black people who live in Brazil than in the United States,” Arnold said.

From an economic standpoint, Arnold believes that in order to make more money, build new clientele, and hire more employees, it is best to learn a second language. This is especially the case for native English speakers who live in Texas or any region of the United States that has a large population of Latinos (people of Latin descent and/or are from Latin America) and Hispanics (people who speak Spanish and/or are descended from Spanish-speaking populations).

According to weforum.org, people in the state of Florida who know a second language can earn an extra $7,000 a year (Hardach, 2018). According to Rypeapp.com, a person can earn up to additional $51,000 just from learning a second language (Mateo, 2018).

Jarard Arnold encourages everyone to learn another language. Music influenced Arnold to learn Spanish to fluency as an adult. He joined a bilingual church that sung songs in Spanish and English. That inspired him to write a few full and partial songs in Spanish, which can be found on Spotify.

“It is never too late to learn a second language,” he said.

Habla Con Jay will launch in August. The website, http://hablaconjay.com  is currently active and set up to schedule reservations for online classes. One-on-one webinars can be scheduled for a few days per week for an affordable fee. Sessions would last about two and a half hours.

Arnold has a podcast called “Supposed to Be Different.” His topics of discussion include relationships, the African Diaspora, and learning different languages. The podcast can be found on Spotify, Apple Podcast, and Google Podcast.

He is also on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube at Habla Con Jay.


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