Let’s Connect Feature: JJustine, The Art of Emotion

Jasmine Justine, musically known as JJustine, runs the gamut of talent. She sings from her soul whether she’s laying vocals on her own track or stepping in to feature for a fellow music artist. As if timed perfectly, Let’s Connect is featuring the young songbird as she embarks on a new journey in life, motherhood. JJustine took a few moments to share what’s new in her world. Check it out!

LC – When did you recognize your gift for music?

JJ – I recognized my gift for music when I was 7 years old and I wrote my first song. I was sad about this boy I liked moving away so I wrote a song and sung it at a family cookout. My family liked it and encouraged me to keep writing and singing. I didn’t realize I was passionate about music until I was about 12 and started singing with tracks from artists like Britney Spears to Brandy.

LC – How do you manage to stay fresh in terms of your content?

JJ – I manage to stay fresh by constantly engaging with my fan base through singles and videos as well as YouTube videos where I’ll just be talking to them. As long as my fan base sees my face or hears from me, they are always here with me and for me.

LC – You’re funny on social media, is that are part of your personality you inject into your music?

JJ – I have a very bubbly and happy personality, but my music I would say is the opposite. It’s crazy but it’s true…the artist is often different from the actual person. My music reflects a lot of the pain I’ve endured from relationships as well as a few anthems to women letting them know their strength and to stand strong in who they are. I have a song called “I Know” and it’s about how I know I’m a spoiled brat but I still get what I want. I guess you can say that’s my funny side but it’s also true. Haha

LC – On your Tee’s Corner interview, you talked about your support system; how important is their input as you mature and outgrow your previous image?

JJ – My family will always be there for me as my support system. As I mature, I’ve found myself not yearning for their opinion and/or approval as much as before. We all have to come into our own and figure out who we are as people in this world without the encouragement of others and that transition has been an easy one because of my understanding family. I make decisions on my own now and they are always just a phone call away.

LC – You’ve been working with producers all over the state, what city do you feel is the current wave?

JJ – The current wave right now is Atlanta for sure. I can’t wait to visit there and really have one of those late night, junk food filled, 20 thousand water bottles sessions with a dope Atlanta producer. Cali is also a place I’ve always wanted to be and know for sure I’ll move there someday soon, but ATL has those beats everybody hungry for!

LC – As you continue to grind, what is your current driving force?

JJ – My current driving force is the fact that I’m going to be a mother. I want my future child to know that their mother’s talent is her greatest gift and to cherish it is the most important thing to her. I want him to know that if you have a dream, striving for achievement is the absolute only option. He will know that it will never be easy but it will always be worth it. Knowing that I’ll have someone looking up to me everyday is motivation for sure.

LC – What’s next for JJustine?

JJ – What’s next for me is taking over the world. Seriously I feel like I as well as a few others need to rescue the radio and get all this music with no purpose off the air waves. The projects I’ve been working on are different and more personal than anything I’ve released before so I know my fan base will be thrilled and fulfilled. To be honest, as artists we often have periods where we can’t pick up a pen. Life happens and we get distracted, however, it’s when we hear our song playing or we hear someone talking about us or anything small regarding our music and it will bounce us right back into place. We are creative beings with short attention spans and minds full of wonder. Forgive us. I cannot wait for what’s next.

Stay Tuned for more Jasmine Justine!


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