Let’s Connect Feature: Psalmist Truenice

Psalmist Truenice is best described as the “unstoppable worshiper.” The worship leader, youth leader, author, speaker, singer/songwriter, and mother uses her God-given gift of singing to set the atmosphere for a memorable worship experience. Her gospel music ministry aims to “reach the lost at any cost” by encouraging them to heal and grow.

Truenice has been singing since she was nine years old. She sang everywhere she went. She has always sung gospel music in church.

“I don’t think I ever decided (to sing publicly),” she laughed. “My mom kind of decided for me. She started pushing me to sing in church.”

As a writer, Truenice’s creative process can fluctuate. She has been a writer since she was writing short stories in third grade. She may reference scriptures when she writes songs. She may hear a tune, and the words would come to her, or she may be in the shower, and she sings what comes to her mind.

“I love to minister to God’s people and to see people get delivered from bondage,” Truenice said. “I usually just think about what I can release to help someone and go from there.”

When Psalmist Truenice ministers in song, she believes in being resolute. She recognizes the gift she has and believes that her gift was given to her specifically to benefit the kingdom of God. She also sees how God uses her with that gift.

“I am always told that I have a voice that commands. I have now embraced (this) gift and allowed God to do what He does through me.”

She added, “I remember what (worship) did for me at a time when I was ready to end my own life. I want everyone to experience (worship).”

Truenice saw people experience worship when she sang “Call the Name” by Amante Lacey.  She believes it is the most impactful song that she has ever sung.

“As soon as I opened my mouth, it was like an explosion,”  she said. “God’s presence engulfed the entire sanctuary. I don’t think there was a dry eye (in the church).”

Several gospel artists inspire Psalmist Truenice including Darrel Walls (of the Walls Group), Chandler Moore, Psalmist Raine, and Benita Jones. She has not yet collaborated with any gospel artists, but she would like to collaborate with Jonathan McReynolds, Darrel Walls, Chandler Moore, and Psalmist Raine. She would also like to collaborate with Kierra Sheard because “her vocal range is out of this world!”


“They are all astounding yet humble artists,” she said. “They effortlessly minister to God’s people, which is amazing.”

Psalmist Truenice currently serves as the worship leader at Rivers of Living Waters Ministry in Killeen, TX. She launched her ministry as a gospel artist in January 2018.

Truenice wants declare to those who listen to her music or read her books that they have a purpose in their lives.

“I’m just a girl who decided to go after all the things God has for me. Do not allow anyone to put you inside of a box. Go for it!”

Psalmist Truenice will be releasing her first single, “Take it All” and her second book, Let It Go, Sis: It’s time to Level Up in August. Her website will be launched in mid-August. She can be found on all social media sites under the name “Psalmist Truenice.”


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