Let’s Connect Feature: Taundra Noel, Igniting Your Purpose

Motivation, inspiration, and drive can be derived from many sources. The most important source for all three is from within one’s self. The ability to harness these God-given super powers not only enriches your own life, but unlocks your ability to impact and evolve other’s lives as well. Taundra Noel Shaw is the living, breathing embodiment of a highly-favored, unstoppable force. Taking full advantage of a strong upbringing and steadfast support system, she has pursued her dreams feverishly and helped countless others to ascend along the way.
As a life coach, public speaker, actress, and singer, Taundra maintains a very full schedule of impactful happenings from day to day. Let’s Connect Magazine was able to secure a window of time to get the 411 on what’s going on with the stunning Shaw. Taundra shares the goods on what makes her tick!
Sitting in a cozy corner of a local Smoothie King, Taundra settles in with a frozen green drink and ponders my first question.
When asked about which of her many hats in business is her driving force and ultimate daily motivation, she pauses thoughtfully before responding. “Aww man, that’s a really good question. To be honest, it has to be tied into my actual purpose. And there’s two areas that I focus on: coaching and entertainment. I’m a life coach which is more personal, lifestyle things. But I’m also a success coach which is more of the business side of coaching. This area focuses on helping people to start non-profits, start businesses, and affirm their passion once they identify their purpose.”
Shaw’s eyes light up as she shares more about why her entertainment ventures excite her as well. “I’m an actress, singer,and producer and I started meeting people who’d ask me ‘how do I do that, how can I get started?’. Which led me to artist development and management, essentially coaching as well. And then of course, organizational training which is going into a business and training their board of directors or management. Any team building that’s needed is included. My four areas of coaching are life, success, artist development and management, and organization.”
Taundra goes on to share “But my truest motivation and purpose is helping others identify their purpose. That is literally why I feel I was created. That’s what wakes me up.” An example of the fulfillment Shaw receives from helping others is her work with powerhouse singer Rose Short. Short is currently making national headlines on NBC’s The Voice. Taundra explains the impeccable timing of joining forces with Short when she needed reassurance in her career. Upon meeting Rose, God had given Taundra the vision of big things ahead for Rose. Shaw knew she needed to push forward in helping. “I needed to help her. Help ignite her fire and purpose and her gift.” Shaw continues, “the moment that brought me to tears was when she looked at me and said you changed my life!”
Reflecting on a previous interview on Tee’s Corner over a year and a half ago, I make Taundra aware of a jewel she dropped on my co-host at the time, Diva D. She spoke about branding to move forward and Diva D took the advice and ran with it. Taundra and myself have witnessed the growth of Diva D since and we share a proud smile. Another example of Taundra being the spark that ignites someone.
Beyond finding fulfillment in coaching others, Taundra enjoys the feeling she gets when she is acting and becomes the character. “You get to become someone else but it’s still you…it’s so fun, ya know!”
With such a personal connection between Taundra and myself (I previously engineered and produced her radio show, Make Shift Happen), I felt comfortable enough to shine a light on one of her qualities that she humbly avoids speaking on; her role as a launchpad for others. Shaw connects individuals within her circle to others to help both parties achieve their goals. An example of her weaving the paths of her peers together is her introduction of Let’s Connect staff writer, Andralena Miller, to me. Taundra is constantly using her perfect timing and instincts to bring the right people together to make great things happen. “I want to see EVERYBODY succeed!”
Looking forward, Taundra perks up again as she shares her next ventures. “I’m actually pretty excited about this…something I’ve always wanted to do. We talked about the coaching and entertainment and how they intertwine.  Going to be launching what I do on a larger scale. I’ve gotten the green light and I needed to find a partner to help bridge the gap and bring it to life.”
Taundra and I want to seize this opportunity to announce our partnership in creating our own web based radio station. Shaw points to our similar work ethics as her reason for pooling our resources. The goal is to create a platform to help others succeed and achieve their goals collectively.
In parting, she wants the readers to, “continue to pursue what’s on their heart and be intentional in all that they attempt. Be open on the journey and do not give up!”

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