Let’s Connect Featured: Reshard Hicks, Classic Man

,World Combat Federation boxing champion Reshard ‘Too Quick’ Hicks is fresh off his latest bout. Hicks earned a victory over Jairo Castaneda on December 8th, 2018 to lift his record to 11-0-1. In celebration of the win, Reshard was joined by some of his greatest supporters at the Chill Grill in Killeen, Texas. 

Chilllin’ With the Champ

The opportunity to ‘Chill with the Champ’ is one that many will cherish for the rest of their lives. Having interviewed Hicks, his calm presence and relaxed personality among his fans did not surprise me one bit. It must be tough being loved by the masses and those seeking your attention. Hicks deftly negotiates the crowd, much like he does in the ring. We scheduled our interview for the same time as the event. I sat back and waited for the Champ to share his thoughts on the most recent fight and what the future holds for him.

About halfway through the event, the crowd settled and Hicks joined me to give our readers the 411 on his victory. He also shared his diverse areas of interest. When asked about execution and results of his title fight, Hicks responds with cool confidence “when you have a game plan and your team believes in your game plan…and you stick to your game plan. Nothing is going to deter you from that”. Hicks credits his intense training leading up to the bout, partially due to his work ethic, but also due to previously scheduled opponents falling off the card. 

The Dark Horse

Reshard approaches scheduling fights with an intensity that is reflective of being a 30+ year old boxer. Many potential opponents will avoid a match with him due to certain risks involved. While bodily harm is an obvious risk, potential opponents risk their reputation by fighting Hicks and losing. The Champ said “that means they are scared. I’m a threat, I’m someone who’s not supposed to be where I’m at, I’m supposed to lose”. Instead, Hicks steps into the squared circle. He handles his business time after time. Reshard consider’s himself a dark horse.

Shifting gears away from the ring, Hicks is personal trainer and has recently joined the ranks of the comedy game. Alongside Tee Sanders and Comedian Jerome Thomas, his is making his mark. Reshard explains that his naturally funny personality is all the confirmation he needed to step to the stage and try his hand at stand-up. Having witnessed the Champ in action, he’s well on his way to a third career. 

Don’t Box Me In

“I don’t believe in being confined, stereotyped, or being what people expect of me” Hicks offers with a stern look. He quickly switches back to his megawatt smile as he offers “you only get one life…I’m going to live my life how I WANT to live it.” 

Pressed about his next move, Reshard answers “I’m going wherever God puts me.” Hicks is living for today and will work on tomorrow; tomorrow. We part ways, but as we do, he leaves us with this “Whatever you’re gonna do, do it to the fullest or not at all”.

Hicks returns to center stage and continues to embrace his fans and supporters with warmth and appreciation. The Classic Man.

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