Letter From the Editor – Summer 2019

Hello readers and welcome back to Let’s Connect! Our magazine has a very specific intention of connecting communities and citizens of Central Texas and the surrounding areas.

Our magazine has allowed us to place a footprint in our area and we are happy to shine a light on the local stars and heroes who don’t always wear capes. Let’s Connect has been fortunate enough to continue ‘connecting’ with members of our great community and sharing their amazing stories.

Our Summer Edition features the multi-talented Jarard ‘Jay’ Arnold and also comedian Tee Sanders. We also share the important work of So Natural Catering and a poem by the sensational Dutchess Arpoet. As our magazine continues to grow, we are adding more talented writers to our staff and as we begin our second year of publishing, we introduce our newest team member, Andralena Miller and provide more background on our leader in Ministry, Anita Y. Armstrong. In advance of our students of Central Texas returning to school, we also highlight the upcoming Back to School Bash! Closing out our summer content, we focus on Teach Them to Love, a 501 (3)(c) non-profit in Central Texas.

In conjunction with many local businesses, our magazine represents the people. We thank you for reading and look forward to your feedback.


Tee Word

Editor-in-Chief Let’s Connect Magazine

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