Local Focus: Svenja Jefferson, Beauty Mark

Staff Writer Tee Word checks in with beauty and makeup specialist Svenja Jefferson!

LC: Your line of work is very intimate and detail oriented. Is it intimidating to perform such a personal task for your clients?
SJ: It can be intimidating sometimes because we’re talking about a (semi) permanent procedure in someone’s face but thanks to being in the beauty industry for over 15 yrs taught me to be very comfortable with my clients and seeing the trust and confidence that they have in me makes me feel very empowered to bring out the most beauty in every one of my clients . An intimate setting like this brings out a lot more than just a beauty procedure sometimes . Many times we counsel each other and lift each other up through our daily struggles . This is why I love working with women.
LC: How long have you been in your field and what helped you decide to take the leap into your own studio?
I have been in the Beauty and make up industry for 15 years and crossed over to permanent cosmetics in 2016 when Micro-blading first became popular in the United States . Because of how new this field was here in the U.S, I actually traveled overseas to Germany to get my certification in Micro-blading. In 2017 I continued my education to add permanent make up to my services.
My personal life situation at the time is what pushed me into opening up my own studio. As a single mother of an infant at the brink of homelessness,  I didn’t see much hope to get out of this downward spiral trying to make ends meets while barely able to see my child . I knew my only chance was to take a leap of faith and get out on my own and work for myself so I can support myself and my son . I wanted to be able to make my own schedule so I can be there for my baby since he was still so little. Without any family support in this country this seemed to be my biggest struggle while working for others . Starting my own business gave me a new purpose, more freedom and happiness I never even knew was possible. Sometimes life can get you so low that the only way to look is up. This was definitely the case for me!
LC: What part of your work is most rewarding for you?
The most rewarding moment is when my client looks in the mirror and starts crying out of joy (and possibly relief 😁) because they feel more beautiful and confident within themselves. Yes one might think it’s just eyebrows but it’s so much more than that. I have clients who suffer from Alopecia a condition where you loose part or all of your hair including eyebrows and lashes, I have cancer patients and cancer survivors who feel like a piece of their womanhood was taken by losing their hairs.
Being able to give them just a piece of themselves back, full fills me with a deep sense of purpose and gratitude. I love making people and especially women feel more beautiful, it brings out their inner confidence and that itself is healing.
LC: What can we expect from Svenja in the future?
You can expect to hear more from me in the future. The plan is to make my name known in this area.
Soon I will add permanent eyeliner and lip blush to my services and maybe even cross over into regular tattooing . Im also planning to start offering training classes in the near future . So stay tuned and follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see my journey of growth 😊!

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