Local Focus: Poetry with Kas Poetess

Poetry Focus with Kas Poetess

She gets me…

She gets me,

Not because He got me… before… forcefully

And not because… He got me and abused me

Or misused me

She gets to get me,

Because she gets me


She gets me

Because she gets the inner parts of me

The parts nobody else ever seems to see

She gets me not because I’m tired of he

Or because I think it’s gonna be

Easier with a she

Cuz females are just as drama filled

And far more crazy


She gets me,

Because our convo is far too long for texts

Every message converts to an SMS

SMS… she means something

More than sex

More than we been chatting a few days so what’s next

She gets me


She knows who I am

And knows what it was

Because… I told her

Because I opened up

To her

She has become my shoulder

To cry on, to lean on,

And when I hold her

It’s like holding a puzzle piece

That when we are intertwined

She fits perfectly

Into me


She gets me

Not because it’s the fad right now,

Or The in thing

Not cause I want attention

And to those who say, she gets me cuz whatever nigga I was with

Must not have been hittin it right

My first WCW was my bro’s girlfriend, when I was like 6

So please go somewhere with that

I been straddling the fence my whole life


So she gets me

Because finally

I reached a point where I am happy

Just being me,

And I no longer seek the approval

Of the powers that be

The only power I answer to… sent her to me

She gets me

She gets to get me

And I get her

And we get to be complete

The sentence I struggle to finish, she has the words

No more faking the straight and narrow, she is my curve

Those four lil letters I never got

L-O-V-E… She is the noun & the verb

The word and the action

The feeling, the passion


She gets to get me

I get to feel desired

Not just lusted after

Cuz together we vibe higher

Above your bashing,

judgement passing & negativity

After searching for the answer for so long

I finally found it in my truth

In her eyes, her smile, & her arms

In Love,

She gets me.

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