Let’s Connect Featured: Tee Word, In-Depth

Since Let’s Connect was created, the vision of the magazine has been focused on shining a spotlight on the movers and shakers of the Central Texas area; Giving a voice to those looking to further a brand and celebrating the activities of Central Texas youth. Three issues in, the brainchild of Tee Word has thoroughly achieved the purpose for which it was created. But the question on the minds of readers unfamiliar with Let’s Connect’s creator is, who is he? Who is Tee Word?

We could start by talking about the twelve years of I.T. experience and two degrees obtained in the field, because that’s what the very modest Tee Word would point to of himself. But it only takes a while of chatting with him to understand that Word has a great passion for providing pathways for others, “I want to highlight the people around me who are doing great things. I’m more of a servant, a launch pad for others”. Word has certainly done just that, bringing on anyone showing willing interest to put in work. “What I do, isn’t talent. It’s hard work. Hard work beats lazy talent any day.”

Ventures in radio and ultra new school podcasting gives Word the ability to do exactly that with him obtaining producer credits on more than four shows in less than two years time. His flagship project, Tee’s Corner, provided a voice for up-and-coming, as well as established businesses throughout the community. Being the proud son of a 23 year Army veteran, it came as no surprise that many of the individuals who participated in his show were military affiliated. This fostered a greater desire in Tee to celebrate and feature services and businesses that Veterans are associated with.

Word’s efforts of paying it forward to the community extended to the youth around him. Love of sports led Tee Word to coaching youth football for nearly a decade. Of his experience in coaching Word says, “It was a sundae with a cherry on top. I got to help mold young men and women AND was able to eat, sleep, and breathe football.” Word’s passion for the sport extends beyond his years of coaching experience. As a contributor to Canal Street Chronicles, the New Orleans native is able to write professionally about his beloved Saints. He also covered high school football for the Killeen Daily Herald newspaper.

Always in hot pursuit of setting and completing personal goals, Tee Word began to plot his escape from the typical 9-5 lifestyle in 2018. Months of meticulous planning went into his decision to work for himself. His company, TC I.T. Consulting, allows him to put those degrees to use In the field of his expertise. From websites to computer repair, he somehow finds time to juggle his business with his various side projects seamlessly. “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.” Word counts that way of thinking as his blueprint to success. When asked of how he’s able to balance his work effectively, Word coolly offers this as a response: “no grass grows under these feet.”

By Shon Scott, Let’s Connect Staff Writer

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